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Advertiser : Announce site Country : France Date :23/11/2005
   Objet :Your publicity in the African embassies of France
You carry on a commercial activity and wish to target the African customers of France and all the visitors of the African countries which pass by the embassies .You can insert your publicity on screens giant plasmas into the consular service of the African embassies into the consulates of Senegal, of Gabon, and soon with the consulate of the Benign one , and other Embassies which are on the way to be equipped soon .
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Advertiser : 2SRK-solutions Country : France Date :23/11/2005
   Object :Systems Safety Networks a solution in all K
company of data-processing services which offers to very undertaken the services of engineering and of integration of systems which cover general-purpose activities to analyze, to realize, test, document, install and to support information processing systems, also services of data-processing maintenance, installation or reinstalment of system as well as the repair of computer equipement to install , to that data processing and council in the purchase of hardware or software adapted to your needs
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Advertiser : Africa Business Opportunities Country : France Date :23/11/2005
   Object :Business appropriatenesses
  • To become privileged or exclusive distributor of plates and discs of brake
  • To become privileged or exclusive distributor of perfume and cosmetic
  • Wholesale, wholesale trades and detail of all produced not regulated

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    Advertiser : A.A.C.(Alain Amghar Consultants) Country : France/Canada Date :23/11/2005
       Object :formations, project management ...
    formations and assistances with paid companies and administrations for the acquisition of the culture, methods, techniques and tools to manage the projets(analyse strategic, led changes , evaluation and estimates of the projects, culture of projects, project management, planning and piloting of projects, animation of the teams, techniques of negotiation, control of meetings, analyze risks , to manage a project within the framework of the backers, Microsoft Project ...).
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    Advertiser : Andreas Weiss (BioMaxx Systems Inc) Country : Africa Date :16/12/2005
       Object :To invest in Africa ...
    BioMaxx Systems Inc. also provide professional consulting services in the fields of Biotechnology, Bio Fuels, Renewable energy and related specializations
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    Advertiser : PATRICK LABATAILLE WOODY PRODUCTIONS Country : Africa Date :28/11/2005
       Object :To invest in East Africa (Kenya/Tanzania) ...
    I search to buy or rent a night club in Africa. I have 19 years of night experience in big disco in France, Spain and Gabon Regards. Patrick
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